Introduction to KRAV mAGA Course

Group Training. Life Changing.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:15 - 7:15 pm from 27th April

Our 5-week Introduction to Krav Maga self defence course is designed to support someone entirely new to self defence. After 5 weeks, you will learn the most efficient self defence system that there is right now in the world.

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StandStrong Academy is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible as we know sometimes it can feel daunting. Our team helps members transform their lifestyle physically and mentally while encouraging community growth and a no-ego attitude.



Our coaches have over 20 years of experience working with self defence, fitness and wellbeing training. We constantly strive to deliver the best quality training for anyone who steps on our mats. 



Our growing StandStrong community is all about having fun and getting fit, whilst learning fundamental personal protection . The beginners course offers you a ego free environment and is a great place to make friends while you focus on becoming confident in your strength and personal safety skills.

One of the biggest problems for people looking to defend themselves is that they aren't sure exactly how to do it. The best thing about self defence classes is that you don't have to know what you're doing - we show you and give you the knowledge and skills you need. 

The truth is, the vast majority of our members had never done self defence training before joining us. But does that mean they didn't start? No. 

We designed our course to take you from beginner to pro. 

We break down the belief and insert action. 

  •  "I don’t know how to throw a punch?" 
  •  "I am timid and too weak" 
  •  "I don’t want to get in trouble" 
  •  “I am not good enough ” 

These are the common beliefs you won't have in a class because we show you a different way to learn self defence. 

It is nothing like jumping into a ring to fight. Instead, every technique is broken down into steps - even for the uncoordinated, you will leave each session feeling empowered and confident in your abilities to StandStrong. 

The course is progressive, not overwhelming. It’s a blend of self defence techniques, progressive  pads striking drills,  with fitness, strength and confidence building exercises. And above all, it is built on a community of encouragement and support. You will fit right in

 “I feel empowered. I feel fearless” Tammy, StandStrong member

Our unique Introduction to Krav Maga Self Defence Course builds you up to maximise your potential. Through our classes, you will grow a strong mindset around your safety, ignite your confidence, and you will grow the belief to become your own hero in life. 

All the realistic techniques presented in this course can be taught to anyone regardless of age or gender.

The classes will help you become your strongest version, and we will help you 

  • Learn effective striking techniques  
  • Gain fundamental knowledge and skills to improve awareness around personal safety
  • Understanding the law in the UK and self-defence
  • Build up foundations in stand up striking and movement
  • Work on evasion and de-escalation techniques
  • Learn basic ground survival skills
  • Build up a strong mindset around personal safety
  • Teach you how to become a warrior and not a worrier
  • Have fun

Why MANY choose StandStrong? 

StandStrong is a combination of techniques, knowledge, strength training, cardio and mobility improvements

A StandStrong coach is always there to motivate you at every session 

The motivation and encouragement in a group training facility create a pulsing, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded

StandStrong offers more than self defence, we are a fitness academy too

StandStrong is a community of diverse individuals who work together and support each other 

StandStrong helps individuals of all shapes, all sizes and all fitness levels - we are inclusive


Krav Maga is a self defence system that the most Police and Military Units around the globe use to train and depend their lives to this system.

WHY? Because Krav Maga works. Krav Maga is simple to learn, perform, and use under extreme pressure and fear. 

The goal with Krav Maga is to teach people how to avoid conflict and to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations when necessary. And should the situation escalate, to provide the skills and techniques to defend themselves and their loved ones. 

Other than physical techniques such as headlocks, restraints and weapon protection, it also includes soft techniques such as verbal aggression management, body language, attack awareness, avoidance, crime prevention, threat management and de-escalation.

There are some critical moments in our life that we need to take the right decision just in few seconds. When our life or the lives of our family and friends are in danger, is our duty to protect them. Krav Maga is the best self defence system in the world.


I started Krav Maga back in 2013 and I have never looked back. It has helped me develop my self belief and over come my past experiences with bullying.  It has shown me that my past experiences don’t define me, and I am capable of anything I set my mind towards. I now love to give back to those that come and train with us. 

Alongside Krav Maga, I have experience in VIP and Close party protection, physical intervention and conflict management training. 

I love what we do here at StandStrong – we have created a special community.


I joined StandStrong as I knew I wanted to be able to defend myself and I knew that Krav Maga was a system that has real life application.

Once I stared training, I realised that I wanted to share my knowledge with others so I embarked on my coaching journey so  I could pass on and help others to improve their safety like I did.

StandStrong is more than a club, it is friendship, community, and I would even go as far to say a family. 



Great Venue, great instructors. The team are knowledgeable and approachable, and the members are great and very welcoming. A great place to train.


Friendly, knowledgeable instructors. Welcoming atmosphere and considerate to different ability levels. I've always felt that I'm getting the support I need to get stronger and develop confidence.


All the coaches bend over backwards to make sure that the students get everything they need from training. They're professional and knowledgable and its a pleasure to train with them and the community.

Added Bonus

As part of the Introduction to Krav Maga Course, you will have access to our morning Bootcamp fitness classes at no extra cost during the 5 weeks, so you can get FIGHTING FIT!

Alongside the self defence classes, you will be provided additional support via our app. 

You can expect the technical breakdown of each self defence topics we've covered in class in video format, downloadable PDFs, step-by-step instructions and more. 

A tonne of value for £69

Early Bird offer at £59 if booked by the 15th of April

Who is this for?

The Introduction to Krav Maga Course by StandStrong is for you if:

You want to know how to defend yourself and your loved ones

You want more energy and confidence in your abilities to StandStrong

You are a beginner to Martial Arts and want to learn the real world applications

You want to learn how to set boundaries

You want to increase your sense of security and know the strength of your body

You are unsure but still want to give it a try


Join the StandStrong community and meet like-minded individuals who became a warrior. 

And if you want to train with us for longer, you can become a member. This package allows you the opportunity to try self defence before the commitment. 

Invest in you today - you are worth giving yourself the opportunity for confidence, strength and wellness.


5-Week Course consists of 2 x 1-hour self defence sessions a week 

Wednesday and Friday at 6.15pm

Starting the 27th of April

Early Bird offer of £59 if signed up by the 15th of April


STEP 1: book on the Introduction to Krav Maga Course

STEP 2: sign the health and safety forms via Jotform

STEP 3: attend the first session 10 minutes before starting so you get to meet the coach and have a tour around the facilities

STEP 5: get ready to sweat and enjoy the course


15 to 17 Brislington Hill, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5BE